Gold Ceiling Batts

Gold ceiling batts are manufactured by Bradford in Australia. Around 35% of the heat you generate indoors during the winter is lost through the ceiling. Moreover, in summer you get 35% of that heat coming in through the roof. The goal is to block the transfer of heat from entering or exiting.

bradford gold ceiling batts australia

Using an insulation product like Bradford’s gold ceiling batts will reduce unwanted heat from entering and exiting through your ceiling. Additionally, lowering your heating and cooling bills and keeping it at a comfortable temperature.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) has broken Australia up into climatic zones. Furthermore, different zones will need to achieve a certain R-value depending on their climatic region.

Bradford is an insulation product made in Australia for Australians. As their slogan says. Additionally, the product gets its name from its colour, which is golden.

How Is Gold Ceiling Batts Made?

Manufactured the same way traditional fibreglass products are made. From recycled sand and glass. Then spun into a candy floss type of material and then bonded with resin. In fact its the air pockets within the insulation that traps heat and prevents it from entering your home.

Bradford Gold Batts R-value

What is R-value? It’s the measurement of the insulation products ability to restrict heat flow. Additionally, the higher the R-value, the higher the thermal and acoustic properties will be. Increasing comfort levels throughout the year.

  • R2.5 Gold™ – 140mm
  • R3.0 Gold™ – 165mm
  • R3.5 Gold™ – 185mm
  • R4.1 Gold™ – 210mm

High-Performance Ceiling Batts R-value

Furthermore, for easy installation, Bradford’s ceiling batts fit 99% of roofs in Australia. The joists in most roofs have relatively similar spacing. Below is the R-value on their high-performance ceiling batts.

  • R5.0HP Gold™ High Performance – 240mm
  • R6.0HP Gold™ High Performance – 260mm
  • R7.0HP Gold™ High Performance – 290mm