Greenstuf Ceiling Batts

Greenstuf ceiling batts are a polyester insulation product manufactured by Autex in Australia. Moreover, it contains no fibreglass or chemical additives. For homeowners who suffer from allergies, Greenstuf is the perfect product for you.

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Additionally, the ceiling batts come pre-cut to fit the common joist spacing’s. Specifically designed to be used in timber frame housing, as wall insulation and also to fit the mid floor cavity spacing’s. Additionally, used in residential and commercial properties around Australia.

As a matter of fact, Greenstuf thermal insulation complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) guidelines and is fully compliant.

High-quality thermal ceiling insulation product made in Australia. Check the climatic zone map for the correct thickness for your region.

Moisture Control

One of the big advantages of polyester insulation is the moisture damage control. Polyester handles water damage better than the fibreglass products. It can get slightly wet, dry out and still insulate effectively.

When tested for moisture control and exposed to 50°C at 90% relative humidity for four days, it had a 0.03% moisture absorption rate.

Greenstuf Ceiling batts R-value

  • R2.0 – 120mm
  • R2.5 – 165mm
  • R3.0 – 185mm
  • R3.5 – 200mm
  • R4.0 – 210mm
  • R4.5 – 210mm


Meets Building Regulations:

Furthermore, having an insulation product installed, that meets the Australian building requirements is extremely important. Moreover, the guidelines have been set with energy efficiency in mind. GreenStuf® ceiling batts will support and assist in meeting the following provisions of the BCA:

  • BCA Volume One – Class 2-9 Buildings
  • Section J – Energy Efficiency: Performance requirement JP1
  • BCA Volume One – Class 2-3 and 9c Buildings
  • Section F – Health and Amenity: Sound Transmission and Insulation.
  • Performance requirement FP5.1, FP5.2, FP5.4 and FP 5.5.
  • BCA Volume Two – Class 1 and Class 10 Buildings
  • Part 2.6 -Energy Efficiency: Performance requirement P2.6.1
  • Part 3.8.6 – Health and Amenity, Sound Insulation: Performance requirements P2.4.6