Knauf Ceiling Batts

When considering which product to use in your roof, Knauf ceiling batts are a good option. Throughout the world, Knauf Earthwool with ECOSE Technology is a product known to be soft to the touch and easy to install.

knauf ceiling batts sydney earthwoolIt’s also less itchy than traditional fibreglass insulation products in Australia.

Moreover, it contains no chemicals or artificial dyes and colourants. Additionally, it is formaldehyde free.

Once installed, it has the potential to last 50 years in your roof. In fact, Knauf has a 50-year manufacturer warranty.

This gives you peace of mind knowing you have a long-lasting, high-quality insulation product.

R-value of Knauf Ceiling Batts

There is a wide range of thicknesses available in their ceiling batt range. Moreover, they come with a different R-value and ceiling insulation batt price. Select an R-value based on your climatic zone requirements.

Furthermore, the higher the R-value, the more the product will be able to restrict heat flow. Higher density Knauf ceiling batts will improve the sound quality.

Knauf insulation is AS/NZS 4859.1: 2002 Approved. These materials are used in the Thermal Insulation of Buildings. Additionally, it complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements.

  • R2.5 Knauf Earthwool Ceiling Batts – 125mm
  • R3.0 Knauf Earthwool Ceiling Batts – 145mm
  • R3.5 Knauf Earthwool Ceiling Batts – 175mm
  • R4.0 Knauf Earthwool Ceiling Batts – 195mm
  • R5.0 Knauf Earthwool Ceiling Batts – 210mm
  • R6.0 Knauf Earthwool Ceiling Batts – 275mm

How Is Knauf Insulation Made?

Knauf is made a similar way to traditional fibreglass based products. Using recycled sand and post-consumer glass. Where they separate themselves from the rest is in the binders they use.

Knauf Earthwool with ECOSE technology boasts a unique binder used in the production of the product. Furthermore, they no longer use the traditional binders found in most glass wool products. The new technology makes use of a bio-based binder. It consists of no chemicals and is formaldehyde free.