Pink Batts Insulation

Pink batts is a ceiling insulation product made by Fletcher insulation in Australia. It’s a high-quality thermal and acoustic insulation. Without the use of insulation that meets your climatic zone requirements, energy in your home will be wasted. Up to 45% of heating and cooling bills can be reduced when adequate insulation is installed.

Pink Batts R-value

The R-value of a product is very important when selecting an insulation. Pink batts come in a wide range of thicknesses, densities and R-values.

pink batts thermal ceiling insulation

To give you peace of mind, pink batts ceiling insulation comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Below is a list of the different product R-values:

  • R2.5 – 130mm
  • R3.0 – 155mm
  • R3.5 – 175mm
  • R4.0 – 195mm
  • R5.0 – 215mm
  • R6.0 – 250mm


Pink Batts Insulation Product Range

In recent years, a significant improvement to the glass wool products has been made. Making it much softer and user-friendly. It’s still considered “safe practice” to wear safety gear when working with any fibreglass products. Fletcher also manufactures a range of other products.

  • Wall insulation
  • Underfloor insulation
  • Soundbreak insulation


How Are Pink Batts Made?

It is made using recycled post-consumer glass. It also combines sand, soda ash, borax and limestone together to make the required mix. A resin is then used as the binder in the product.

In order to melt the glass, high temperatures of 1400 degrees need to be achieved. It then becomes a liquid. Once it has reached liquid form, it is poured into giant spinners which produces the glass wool product.