Insulation Products

There are many different high-quality insulation products to choose from in Australia. On average, the products are quite equal in R-value and thermal performance. Choose a product that fits your price range. Take a look at the products below.

Climatic Zones

Depending on where you live in Australia, you will need to install a product that’s specified for your climatic region. There will be different insulation requirements for each area like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth for example.

Insulation R-value

R-value is extremely important when selecting a product. The higher the R-value, the more the product will be able to restrict heat flow. You can also opt for a higher R-value than specified by the BCA requirements for insulation.

Insulation Products And Climatic Zones

Climatic Zone Map

australian climatic zone map for insulation services
Building Code of Australia (BCA) guidelines for insulation installation in Australia. Choose an R-value according to your climatic zone.

Specified R-value For Each Region

insulation climatic zones australia

Roof Insulation Products

Insulation Types In Australia

Types of Insulation

In Australia, there are many different types of insulation to choose from when insulating your home. Insulation controls the heat flow in and out your home. It is used to block hot and cold air from entering or exiting. Think of it as a barrier between your family and the external seasons or temperature changes.

Homes that have been insulated with different types of insulation, that meet the Building Code of Australia (BCA) guidelines, will enjoy year round comfort. Substantial savings can be made on heating and cooling bills. In most cases, up to 50% can be saved on power bills.

Choosing Different Types of Insulation

Furthermore, when selecting a product, some types of insulation require protective gear. This may be something to keep in mind if you are considering a DIY installation. When selecting a product, it can be broken down into two main categories.

  • Reflective Insulation
  • Bulk Insulation

Read more on Reflective vs Bulk insulation

Reflective Insulation

Reflective insulation, also known as radiant barriers, are installed directly under the roof tiles. It is also extremely good at creating a moisture barrier between the external air and your roof void. Although it has an R-value, it’s small in comparison to bulk insulation products.

Radiant barriers are usually made out of a shiny reflective foil with an air gap between the front and back surface. The surface needs to be kept clean in order for it to reflect radiant heat effectively. Read more on Radiant Barriers

Bulk Insulation

Bulk insulation products hold very high R-values. The higher the R-value the better the product will be able to restrict heat flow. There are also many different types of insulation in the bulk category to choose from. Thermal ceiling batts are a popular choice.

Below is a list of high-quality thermal ceiling batt insulation products available to Australians:

  1. Knauf Ceiling Batts
  2. Bradford Gold Ceiling Batts
  3. Fletcher Pink Batts
  4. Greenstuf Ceiling Batts

Acoustic Insulation And Sound Absorption

Acoustic Insulation

When it comes to acoustic insulation products and soundproofing in Australia, the best way to reduce the effects of vibrations is to use a dense material. Moreover, the higher the density, the more effective the acoustic properties will be.

Popular products for residential and commercial use:

They are lightweight and easy to install. There are a few different brands to choose from. You can select your desired product and R-value.

Furthermore, insulation batts are perfect for timber and metal stud systems. High-density ceiling batts are commonly used as floor insulation as well.

High Density Insulation Products

For a reduction in noise levels between rooms, high-density sound insulation products reduce noise transfer. Acoustic batts also have the advantage of having thermal properties as well.

Moreover, the acoustic insulation product can reduce sound absorption by up to 75% in some cases. This helps dampen the sound levels between rooms and external noises.

Often used in offices to keep noise levels down. Additionally in hospitals and doctors rooms. Home theatres and general soundproofing between rooms are also common nowadays.

Too put it simply, density increase sound absorption. R-value increases thermal properties. Compressed ceiling batts will also increase density by will lower the R-value.