Wall Insulation

When considering insulation for your walls, make sure to choose the right product and R-value to start with. The Building Code of Australia or (BCA) has calculated the minimum wall insulation requirements for your climate zone.

Wall Batts

Something to keep in mind is that it’s difficult to replace the wall insulation once the walls have been sealed up. It will be quite costly to replace the wall batts in the future. Professional installation is also advised

Heat Loss

Every home will be slightly different. A lot also depends on design technique and the level of wall insulation you currently have. The materials the wall is made out of also holds a small R-value. Not enough to be efficient. High-quality wall batts are the best option.

Wall Insulation And Climatic Zones

Climatic Zones

Wall insulation climatic zones australia
Building Code of Australia (BCA) guidelines for insulation in Australia. Choose an R-value according to your climatic zone.

Specified R-value For Each Region

wall insulation wall batts

Thermal And Acoustic Wall Batts

Wall Batt Insulation Australia

How Much Heat Is Lost Through House Walls?

For a comfortable indoor living space, you must insulate your walls effectively with thermal and acoustic wall batts.

  • 18-25% of heat escapes without appropriate wall insulation

High-quality insulation can have a massive difference in the indoor temperature of your home. It provides a barrier between the external elements and the inside of your home.

Benefits of Wall Batts

  • Wall batts increase thermal performance
  • Comfort throughout the year
  • Amazing sound absorption properties
  • Does not burn. Non-combustible
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Wall batts are easy to install

Earthwool Batts vs Pink Batts vs Gold Batts vs Green Batts

There are 4 main brands to choose from when insulating your walls. They each have a reasonably similar R-value for the corresponding product.  Below is a list of the manufacturers.

Acoustic Wall Insulation

In fact, high-quality insulation will enhance the indoor sound quality. Additionally, it will muffle interior noises and external noises. Acoustic Batts is a term used to describe a wide range of soundproofing products available in Australia.