Gold Wall Batts

Bradford Gold insulation can enable a 20% reduction in energy costs. Choosing the right insulation product for your property is crucial. You require an assurance that the material selected will deliver on its promises. Bradford Gold wall batts instil user confidence when used in both new structures and buildings undergoing renovations.

The batts are designed uniquely to provide superior insulation on both external and internal walls. The temperature in your home can be affected by more than 25% by the atmospheric temperature during both summer and winter. The essence of insulation is to prevent the interior of your home from extreme temperatures for comfortable living.

Gold Wall Batts R-value

bradford gold wall battsThe R-value is a measure of the rate of an insulation product’s thermal resistance. The efficiency of an insulation product increases with the increase in R-value. Gold Wall insulation products are made stiff and are water resistant.

The product is compliant with Australia’s Building Code’s minimum requirements for energy efficiency in homes. The material is made from thin fibreglass.

It is intricately spun to create numerous air pockets. Since the air gaps are a poor conductor of heat and sound, the product is thus, able to resist heat and acoustic transfer.

Gold Wall insulation is maintenance-free and does not require to be replaced due to ageing for at least 30 years. Glasswool is long lasting and very effective. Saving you money over the years.

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Energy Efficiency

Proper insulation can help reduce air conditioning and heating costs in your home by 40% when insulation is done right the first time. The cost is one-off in a lifetime done either during construction or renovation.

Bradford Gold Hi-Performance Wall Batts

The premium hi-performance wall insulation products have been manufactured in Australia and have the highest R-value rating. It is crucial to have a thorough knowledge of R-value differences between insulation products. This is to ensure you settle on one that provides you with the maximum benefits.

Bradford Gold Hi-Performance Batts are traditional glasswool products. They are a leader in the manufacture of insulation materials. Glasswool provides significant cost efficiency in energy costs and the reduction of greenhouse gas emission.

The gold wall batts offer superior comfort in your home which will be attested by the number of days your house will do without the need for air conditioning. You will only require to run the air conditioning unit during the days when temperatures are extreme.

Bradford offers a 70 years warranty on all their products. This is against damages such as rotting, shrinking, the growth of molds, and quality deterioration subject to installation following manufacturer’s instructions. Besides, gold insulation products are all low allergen, thus safe for use by people who have an allergy history including asthma.

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New Technology Fibres

The safety of modern houses with homeowners who suffer from known allergies has remained a significant concern in most Australian families. Bradford is National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program approved. The new technology fibres are not as itchy or dusty as they were previously. Making the material more user-friendly than ever before.

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The Highest Fire Rating

Bradford gold is a glasswool product with a high fire rating. The batts are inflammable and prevent the spread of fire. As well as harmful gases contained in the smoke from a burning house fire. Also, Bradford Gold Hi-Performance Wall Batts have been shown to be fire retardant.