Green Wall Batts

Specially made for timber-framed structures and roofs to protect against heat transfer, green wall batts come in standard pre-cut segments ready for installation. In addition, the self-supporting batts can be installed on walls without the need for staples.

Green walls batts are made from 100% polyester. The thermal insulation pallets can also be used to insulate the roof cavity and the spaces in the mid-floor joist. The batts can be used in both commercial and residential buildings.

Acoustic Performance – Soundproofing

Green wall insulation helps in preventing acoustic noise transfer by minimizing the noise coming through the walls of the building. This is an advanced method of noise reduction.

green wall battsPolyester sound solution wall batts and rolls are specially formulated to help prevent acoustic transfer in commercial and residential properties made of standard steel frames and timber.

The polyester wall insulation achieves noise reduction by preventing noise that travels through the airwaves from entering your home. Furthermore, the sound solution products come in a range of two varieties:

  • Sound / acoustic wall batts
  • Pre-cut rolls for use in standard wall frames and mid-floor joist spaces.

Benefits of Polyester Wall Batts

  • Safe indoor air quality.
  • No added chemicals like formaldehyde.
  • Made from 45% recycled materials.
  • Can be recycled at the end of its life cycle.
  • Additionally a high-performance product
  • Exceeds most of Australia’s Building Code’s requirements.
  • Moisture-free and resistant to vermin infestation and molds.
  • Fire safety – It’s non-flammable and compliant to BCA standards.
  • Safe to use for people who suffer from dust related allergies.
  • It does not shrink or dissipate with time.
  • 50 years warranty.
  • Locally manufactured product.
  • Safe to handle – Its 100% polyester insulation
  • Does not require the use of protective clothing during handling.

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No Need to Wear Protective Gear

All Autex’s 100% polyester made insulation products pose no health hazard to users during installation and throughout its installed life. In addition, no gloves need to be worn when handling the material. The batts are dust-free and have no fine loose fibres capable of being airborne, which would pose a risk of being inhaled.

Green Wall Batts

Green wall insulation products have various R-value ratings. In addition, ensure to have the correct measurement for the required insulation material to fit in a wall’s cavity. Also, to ensure that there are no gaps during installation.

The entire surface of your house’s perimeter wall should be insulated. Moreover, use stud straps on areas on the wall that can allow water in to prevent the batt from bulging to fill such cavities. It is important to note that the batts do not absorb water. Polyester wall batts also handle water and moisture better than the fibreglass products.

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Safe Installation Around Downlights

The Australian market has a wide range of downlights on offer. It is vital for buyers to carefully consider the options when purchasing to avoid dire negative impacts on a building’s thermal performance. It is a requirement under the Building Code that a minimum clearance is maintained around unrated downlights during insulation. Downlights pose a real threat of fire due to overheating which necessitates a careful selection of lighting materials and correct installation of the same.