Knauf Wall Batts

Knauf Wall Batts is a new and improved variety of glasswool insulation that is soft, safe to use and environmentally friendly. The insulation material comes in a compressed package which helps in the easy handling and storage at work sites.

knauf wall batts

The main use for the product is to insulate the outer house walls. However, the batt can also be used to cover the inner walls to reduce the transfer of sound waves from one room to another.

The product is useful in providing energy cost savings and enhanced comfort in the living area. In addition, they come in a range of R-values.

For those looking for a higher performance product, Knauf wall batts come in High Density (HD) and Super High Density (SHD). The super-high-density variety as the name suggests provides superior thermal resistance. It also has higher acoustic performance and energy savings due to its increased density.

Internal and External Wall Batts

Knauf wall insulation is a product of a market leader in insulation technology and sustainability. The product can be used for commercial or residential insulation. Earthwool has both external wall batts, primarily used for thermal insulation and internal wall batts which are majorly used to regulate both heat and sound transfer.

You ask, “Why should I settle for Earthwool?” Earthwool insulation has some real benefits which make the product second to none.

Knauf Wall Batts Compression

Earthwool uses the advanced compression technology to package its products. Thus, significantly saving space during transportation and storage. Also, compression packaging easies handling during installation leading to even more reduced costs when using the product.

Upon installation when the batts become decompressed, they regain their full thickness since they are made from resilient glasswool. Earthwool wall batts are packaged in sturdy polythene bags to provide maximum protection from dust, moisture, or any other kind of damage that might arise during transport and storage.

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Ease of Installation

Earthwool Wall Batts is second to none when it comes to ease of installation. Earthwool’s quality consistency during manufacture guarantees a clean cut and minimizes dust when shaping the product to size. Each roll contains detailed instructions for use making it very easy to do it yourself (DIY) installations. External Earthwool Wall Batts provide excellent energy cost savings when used around a property’s perimeter or between rooms.

Resilience and Durability

Earthwool Wall Batts are made with a high self-protection and longevity ability. The insulation has zero odor, does not absorb moisture, and does not rot. Fungi, bacteria, and mold cannot survive within the product. Additionally, the batts are made to provide a hostile environment for vermin. Earthwool is every professional insulation installer’s choice owing to quality, efficiency, and appearance.

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Green Credentials

The product lives true to its name, Earthwool. It is simply the best insulation for the earth. It is manufactured from recycled glass and contains no formaldehyde. Earthwool is a leader when it comes to environmentally friendly wall batts. The product’s performance attests to this claim through reduced house heating and cooling costs. Mind both your pocket and planet by using Earthwool insulation products for a comfortable living in your property.