Pink Wall Batts

Indoor temperatures can be regulated for a comfortable living using pink wall batts. Thermal wall, ceiling, and underfloor insulation. Which can, in the long run, lead to significant energy cost savings depending on building size and local climate.

pink wall batts insulationThe best time to install pink wall insulation is during the construction phase of a building or during renovations when the wall cavity is exposed. Otherwise, it could be quite an expensive process.

The minimum R-value for external wall insulation in most climatic zones in Australia is 1.5. Exceeding the minimum is advised. It also depends on the depth of the cavity space.

During manufacture of the product, the insulation batts are slightly hardened. They are ridged which helps keep them in place for easy installation.

Pink Wall insulation – Newer Formula – Enhanced Comfort

Most people associate insulation with a foul smell and harmful particles coming off. We have good news for you if you plan to install insulation by yourself. The new and improved pink wall batts have been made using the latest formula to ensure softness for easy installation.

Besides having all the advantages of an ordinary insulation material, pink wall batts provide superior protection against sound and heat transfer. The easy to install batts can be used on wooden structures and commercial or residential buildings.

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Pink Wall Batts – Full R-value Range

Pink wall batts have an extended range of sizes and R-values to ensure your home is effectively and efficiently insulated. The batts have been reinforced to be able to fit in ordinary timber and steel wall spacing studs perfectly.

Ideally, the batts should be installed before the internal lining has been fixed during a building’s construction. Pink insulation Batts are inflammable and hold the highest fire ratings. They also have low allergenic properties in the new materials formula. Additionally, they provide your home with extended protection against heat transfer and internal and external noises Effectively soundproofing your home.

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Pink Batts Moisture Absorption

Should pink wall batts come into contact with water before installation, you should get rid of the water before installation. When you install the batts free of moisture, you enhance their performance and also avoid damage to other parts of your property. Pink Batts has a low moisture absorption rate: less than 0.2%.

Trusted by Australian Property Owners for Over 50 Years

Pink insulation has been a favourite in Australia since 1956. The product has with time experienced significant improvements aimed at enhancing its insulation efficiency. Which has continued to instil trust among Australians. The bonded fibre product is safe for use by people who have a history with allergies since it has a low allergen status.

Insulation makes a major contribution in ensuring you live comfortably while in your home. It stabilizes your home’s internal temperatures and minimizes the transfer of sound waves.

Also, insulation helps you achieve energy cost savings which is essential in helping you stick to the set budget and is good for the environment.

Insulating your walls with pink wall batts is environmentally sustainable. When your home uses less energy, this significantly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission. The insulation product is made from 80% recycled glass which is used to save even more energy than the amount used in its manufacture.

The R-Value is an internationally accredited measure of an insulation material’s efficiency in regulating heat transfer. A high R-Value represents superior performance.